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February 26, 2011

Coffee and Char'ed Bowls..

hey whats up another epic night for the Couchboys crew. Last night we celebrated Mick Jackson's birthday at Newport pier bar and grill. There was a huge turn out. the place was poppin' at the end of the pier, with a live performance from cb's own Psyborg, the diagnosed diversity. Madd OG cb's showed up, including: Wes Luke, Ulysses, Chase Adams, Booyaa Adam and Chip Robinson, Psyborg, C.Hill and Mick Jackson. It was a crackin' small reunion. after midnight hit we started to celebrate Wes Lukes B-Day. Once we were champanged and dance'd out we headed home to puff our second hand char'ed bowl courtesy of the dairy ashtray (thanks Los!). It was a night for the books. one I will hardly remember with friends i'll never forget. Mad hommies got laid. Babies got made. Cb easy livin' and jibbin' all day.
-Psyborg & Toxik

February 19, 2011

Down by the Beach, Boie!

Hey Dudes, Just been down in Newport chill'n with my lovely. we've been decorating and putting homely touches in her new apartment. she says that andreas wiig lives here! havent seen him tho he's probly waisting no time with all the snow in the world. the sun keeps popping out to say hello but then the rain sets in. keepin the blunts rolled. just watched the savage new video from the crew and it has me jones'n more then ever. the fire is offically lit after have gone through the long awaited surgery. training this hard to come back is a challenge. candy is too good! but the will and determination felt inside is unreal. the drive to come back. dude I wanna whip the snow mobile so freaking bad. dude! okay ya'll take care and keep reppin' and shreddn' hard. everyone is killing it! lates were bouncin' out for lunch. if your around give a call. chill'n daily, u can catch me down by the beach, Boie!-

February 3, 2011

For the Cat Lovers(Yup thats you, Curtis and Dave)

Homemade scratch post get wit it! made from recycled goods from the hill and fresh carpet remnants donated by the local flooring guys. Will the meowzers scratch it? ...only time will tell -cbmizL

February 1, 2011

Digging going on 2-1-11

Hebies up to some schinanigans at the mtn lab. movin snow around getting jibbies built somehow when we havent had a good snow in over a month now. but a line is getting built. photos will be coming soon-shiobby shah-CB

Bringn it back...

ttime to bring it all together and get the crew shredding hard again together. work is hard and times are tough. missn the times on the hill with mizl and chill. but all is good this summer in hood-CB