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October 30, 2008

fun fun fun

yeahhhh.. how sav, its kdogg on the blog, first post and everything. heres a few of the missing photos from tamm bamms 3rd annual halloween bash!!!!

CouchGIRL Intro :D

What's up kids
Matt invited me to contribute to this blog, because now I'm a photographer for Couchboys Worldwide 8)
I'm staying in Russia at the moment, this is my home, the country where I was born. We've got an idea of posting a photo of the day, so now each entry I am posting will include some interesting photo-stuff of Russian culture and daily life. 

Here's a pic of an old temple, some kind of Christian Orthodox church, it is situated beside the Lenin's square in my town... More photos coming up!;)

October 27, 2008

Rocktober Raffle!!!

Yo do you want some product? then go to the CB Scary Dairy Fright Farm Jib Jab Jam Oct. 31!!! Raffle tickets are going to be on sale, 1$ per ticket. more product could be added before the event so stay tuned. heres some pics of what you could get your hands on!!! good luck! and dont hate.

October 26, 2008

Weekend in the Dale

Was hella fun... big shout out to all the palmdaliens who partied hard and showed me that high desert hospitality, you fools are crazy and to Jeremy at Pharmacy Boardshop for putting me on the legit program. What ill remember most about this weekend: "Palmdale dont give a fuck about your city"

October 23, 2008

International Couchboy Team: Sebi warms up

Here are some photos of CB Sebastian in his downtown Brasov, Romania, backyard killing his box setup. For those of you that dont know SEBI, he's a jib stylemasta that will destroy all, except my boy cant get a visa so you gotta go to him...cb love

Archived footage: Mammoth Opener 07, JustinMagin A Rodeo...

anything is possible if you can just in.magine it. practice makes perfect!! way to get your huck on hommie.

October 18, 2008

Fall rundown from C.Hill

Well halloween is over and the shred season is just around the corner, fall fever has never been worse. Every video drives us absolutly nuts and pumps us up beond belief. Here are some goodies to cherish and hold you over. maybe. and a quote of the day!: Dont forget that life is life and you just gotta live it. -cb-

October 14, 2008

Current VOTD: Living of the Grid

My yeep just recently broke down in wrightwood this last weekend, while i was up there chillin at daves for the chili cookoff...hopefully itll be fixed sometime soon. In the mean time ill be planning to remodel my house after this guys...

October 13, 2008

Current Video of the Day: Street Art

This homie takes a pretty unique approach to tagging, enjoy...just another video to help pass the time between now and when it snows. bubble the nation!

October 6, 2008

Throwback Footy Vol 1

With all the new video premiers coming out id like to take this time to return to the classics. found this video on the net theres a few more at we'll all be gettin it soon enough.