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February 17, 2009

Hebies Weather Center

so today you can expect more of the same for the morning(good snow in front of the white blob)...dont really know what to say about the rest(puprle area)...but looks like a steady feed of moisture possible...Sierras are getting Blasted. not much else tosay but Micdumpypoo maggoooo. Another possible system out and about a few days away...well have to schmee where that one is headed tho.......dumpin right now in the wood...we got pillow flakes-werd-cb

February 16, 2009

Hebies Weather Update!!!...cb

so yah----2 feet so far fo cho......still goin down...depending on location of the low throughout the night.....could stay north for tohoe mammy.....(major dumpypooooy either way for the sierras)...also, the low could brake off to so cal...mmmmmk---well keep it posted mos def------buuuuuuraaaaahhhaappp-CB

Anenberg presents The UBS Super Bowl I

The day before the actual superbowl Anenberg UBS hosted one of their own here at Mt High and it turned out to be one of the most creative and fun contests the mountain has hosted. The contest started with 20 minute draft and after being drafted to either the black or white team, the squads battled it out head to head in a best of 2 runs slopestyle match-up. Hebs got jipped out of being drafted and im sure someone lost their job over that decision, So it was up to Levi and I to take it home for the black team. Going into the finals the fans were hammered and ready for the 4th quarter showdown with the black team victorious My finals run was a front 5 over the jump into a sw front beezly on af the kink box and a sw back 1 over the field goal, which earned me MVP and a brand new shred stick taht was much needed...stoked. pictures pictures video and results at the bottom...hebs got opening shot and levi the ender some of me in the mix too and the commentary near the end of the vid is great props to thoes guys at UBS. THanks to everyone from anenberg and muggz for coming out, getting hammered and showing your support. wOrd.

p.s. its dumpy mc dump dump outside ...snowed in, out cold!

fisheye Photos by Jason Anderson @ and the others by LJ mthigh marketing represent:

Dave never too busy to pose for the camera

SW front

Free grindage provided by Wahoos

Levi and I drafted to the black team

Levi steezin a back 180 reppin couchboys grom squad

Number 1 draft pick

Mikey and I w/ a mini crowd pleaser

Chris styling out a double nose for the judges

Snowdogg poachin, GTS mode

Dome with a fresh method

Game faces on ...coin flip goes to the white team.

Shifty Front field goal

Droppin from the top leaving the competition in the dust


Front 5 roast beef

MVP holler at your boy

Levi and I taking it home for the team Couchboys for life.

Hebies Weather Center...

yo yo yo so check it out...low is just off shore and comin in slow...swirlly arounders and possible tap into a lil bit of da pineapple yah mic dumper is comin---cb