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April 29, 2009

Love2 blow-out EvensA

Ok so i was doing some midnight arkiving and came acrost this video. its a little intense but it reminds me of how awesome mother nature was to us this year. enjoi or hate cb

April 28, 2009

close your eyes when you take off

hommies go huge sometimes on the littliest things.... peep as chedder chooses to touch sky.

April 15, 2009

The "Will We Go Back?" Post

As for Mt Hood...what do you say schmeegs, see you in june?

"EDdie would go" <--google it

shmeegs hiking up to the public

...Amsterdam...See ya next 4/20, keep on stackin C


...and Dave what about the INN ...mmmMMMeehhhh, but kareoke may never be the same.


photos from the personal archive of: MI CROOKED LETTER

April 14, 2009

Step Up Your Game

After the fun jump session yesterday had to post this little bit of motivation for you guys. northwest here we come.

check the video @ :

April 9, 2009


possible possible tomarrow...should be good...cb will be on the house shoveling for sure prepping the park for F-yo-CoUch-shibby Shah Maj Nature-cb

April 7, 2009


"I be from laan' casta man, do ya need a wu' waap"

As the night drew closer something wierd was happening at the cb mtn. lab. citrusfungi was found growing in the oranges. so without hour later.......
mizzler and cboy went up into acorn canyon for a forest feel. exploring and dancelightshows till dark. once down the hill they went up into a tree or four....then back to the house to meet up with the head master.....

the camera sees what i see......fellowship of the rings was real.



What Inspires Us

The other day I was reading a Transworld and came across an interview with Torstein Horgmo. One of the questions he was aksed was what inspires him and it was rad to see his response was "any part from Afterbang", a Robot Food video. If any snowboard movie stands out in my mind it would be that one, True Life was the always the go to, but Afterbang showed a more creative and fun side to snowboarding that made you just want to get out there and shred.Torstein wasn't the only one to metnion this movie as inspiration either, it seems to pop up in the pages every now and again and still sticks out in my mind. Heres Travis Parkers part from the vid:

April 6, 2009

Weatha from hebs...

Low Pressure off coast just chillen for another day, but tomarrow(afternoon)?...It's Comin Right for Us!!!!!_cb

April 5, 2009

Ed Helps Lead Pharmacy Boardshop to Victory!

After a long year of training in the dale and a less than 10 pin defeat at last years annual Volcom Bowling, the crew had their sites set on this years contest in Torrence. The day of the match was upon them and crew piled into the RV for the pre-game antics and by the time they reached the arena they were all schmeegled only to find the rest of the competition just as hammered, Couchboys and Pharmacy Team Rider Ed Girulani put it. With refreshments sponsered by Pabst Blue Ribbon, the battle was on. It was a scene straight out of Kingpin, but there was no Munson here. The Pharmacy Phetus Puckers left the battlefield victorious with a monster 200 pin lead(1343) over the next closest HSS Cobra Kai(1166). And our very own Ed taking top honors as MVP of the night for Most Consecutive Strikes in a game(6). Congratulations and Pharmacy represent. For the rest of the results and pictures visit:


April 4, 2009

Hebies Weathuhh-cb

so check it out check it out...somfins comin...(possible possible, or just enough to keep us goin for another week...maj nature shall decide-daz all i gots to say ---cb