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September 30, 2008

wOrd fools...

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And the pre-season shananigans continue...On Friday October 31st Couchboys and ThugCrew welcome you to come out to the "Scary Dairy Fright Farm Jib Jam" @ Los's Couchboy Dairy Lab in Chino, CA. With such a big turn out @ ThugginOnTheBox2 we thought it'd be fun to get one more jib jam in before the season starts.

The set-up will be the same as TOTB2 w/ a few suprises in store, hopefully something easy that everyone can hit in addition to the normal set-up. COSTUMES REQUIRED. Not that anyone cares but dont be that person standing there in plain clothes on Halloween day. No one rides without a costume. Sign ups start @ 5pm .:. Jam begins at dusk .:. 10$ to enter contest .:. FREE to chill .:. Rider Judged .:. Prizes and giveaways.

In addition the the Jib Jam the yearly fiesta will be poppin off as usual(18+over). Beer will be on tap 3$ a cup. Slow Forward and Mustache Spesh will be performing live with musical intermissions by Grand Wizard RastaJohn in the mix. TuTacos will be providing tasty 1$ tacos throughout the night. Costume Contests, Giveaways. Dont be scared.

Brought to you by: Couchboys, ThugCrew, Anenberg, MtBaldy, Carnival Boardshop and more.

sponsors/info/ideas contact:,,

couchboys and thugcrew do not condone or support underage drinking minors will be thrown out and humiliated ...shibby cb

September 24, 2008

Baldy Pipe 9/23/08

Took a mission yesterday with SnowdeeZ and Cody. Handled a twelver, threw up some whack tags and got in some sweet turns. Got all over verted on this one frontside turn and fell to the flat on my heel, Straight bruised out the game. I was talking to Chip about it last night and he thought its be cool to get some homies up there and do a little clean-up/shred sesh before the rain comes and washes all the crap into the ocean. The amount of trash is endless but even just doing the route to the pipe might help a some. bring a flat rail maybe some samich's and its on. ill post some info on the dates later. photos from my phone. peace MI

September 23, 2008


Hey all you shredders out there!!! Can we interest you in some sweet and stylish stickers? How about a new holla for the NEW or OLD stick? or maybe your CAR? or LUNCHBOX? We have a numerous assortment of different snowboard brands and snowboard lifestyle stickers including the COUCHBOYS limited edition stickers!!! Requests are subject to avability!!! So hurry now and find that spot that needs some LOVE, and send 2$ to recieve a sweet sticker pack:


4855 Opal Ave.

Palmdale CA 93552

your dollars go a long way; All proceeds go to a brand new video camera. THANKS for all your contributions in advance. You may find yourself behind the lens one day.

ex. of stock: Sessions, Anenberg, the Hundreds, Pharmacy Boardshop, Mt High, Skull Candy, Big Bear Mtn., DVS, Vestal, Neff, Forum, Burton, 32, Volcom, Oakley, Grenade, Quicksilver..., and the list goes on and on!!!!!! Dont forget to add ANY requests!!!

September 16, 2008

Couchboys featured in Blana Magazine

Peep the mag @

Last year KGeezy planned a trip to Romania to see what kind of shredding him and Curty could find out there. Once i heard i emptied the bank account to hop on board. Chad found out a week before we left, bought his passport, and flew 16 hours alone to meet us. While out there we met a bunch of cool people and local riders. Our homie Max, writer/stencil artist/ContestMC extraordinaire, interviewed us on our expierences out there. The story he wrote is featured in the snow section of Blana Magazine No. 3. All the magazine content is ill, make sure and check out the back issues. Thanks again to all the Romaniacs who helped make the trip one for the books, or should i say magazine.


September 15, 2008

Thuggin on the Slideshow

Here are the photos from Thuggin on the Box a couple of weeks ago, straight up lagged but whatevs, if anyone finds a video SEND IT!

September 4, 2008


"Dancin' in September / Never was a cloudy day!" ...tons of events, video premiers, free alcahol, HDHR, all that good stuff. Yesterday vendors headed down to San Diego for the Action Sports Retail Show for a long weekend of partying and showing off all their new product for this upcoming season.

ASR isn't just for pro shreds and industry heads... word on the street is you can poach your way in, just make sure your ninja about it or you might get paid a visit by the man. Drive down and check out all the new gear you wish you could afford or just wait around till all the after parties start going off. This one is sponsed by Anenberg and some other fools i dont know. Shibby CB