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June 25, 2009

Breaking News

Running around the house getting stuff together for hood and the phone rings...

Snowdogg - "Michael Jackson is dead, hes in cardiac arrest...hes dead" i dont really know why he called to tell me that information, but it is no doubt a sad day for their family and the pop community. He may have wierded out but you cant deny timeless classics like this one.

June 24, 2009

from mex...

representing the C.B. from rosarito baja mex... good waves...cold beer.


June 21, 2009

The Campsite Blues

yo what's crip a late'n. heres a little view of summit meadows totem pole CB stompping grounds. we hiked in to better view the snow depth at the site one day and took some pics. were still talking 10 feet in some spots altho the hippies spot was totally uncovered in some wierd freaky way. but around the totem pole is about 4-5 ft. shmeegs found some leftover poker chips from previous stays. haaha!! were about to build a suuper secret sickie MuHuaaaaHahahhaa!!!!! 

believe it or not this is the smee spot cant even see the log

HCSC blood drive

Hey whats up! On June 12 High Cascade held a blood drive. After a long day of looking for a cell phone and no shreddin, we went to Government Camp to get some food and do laundry. Shmee was in deep thought about the needle while we ate at Charlie's Mountain view across the street. When it was time he gave it the chicken out so I had to fly solo. Fortunately the doctors and staff were really really nice and had some pretty funny jokes. After alot of paperwork and aids questions it was time to donate!!!
The hard part was is over, it was snack time!!!! Good thing I was the last of only 30 donors that day, the nurse over heard that we were camping so she said that it was her and red crosses pleasure to hook us up with all kinds of goodies! she filled a trash bag full of Caprice suns and trail mix and oreo's and other snacks!!! super sponsored by the red cross. thank you again if you ever read this!!

Pipe 2 Pipe

Riding Windells was the best. We showed up early and registered under pro cause the am jam was for campers. On the way down from Palmer we hit the skii Moguls like always but this time after I hit it, I looked back up and Scotty Arnold was riding right there with us! Followed up by a siiick backie by Justin. Practice was probably the most fun. Using the rope tow was amazing!! Best feeling ever. So during the heat we got split up trying our best to advance to the game of HAM finals. Neither of us made it. Matty mo killed it, Sawyer Dean killed it as well, that kidd has a wicked back lip. Anyways during the final I couldn't stop, had to keep taking windells laps cause it doesn't happen everyday. I was working on frontside heel fives. schmee watched on with fellow rider "Jeff" as the final came to an end. we rode a few more then peaced. Later that day we went down to Windells camp to watch the skate comp.  once again I  found myself charging the outside cement bowl after a complete amp up from California hommies. Scotty Arnold came and we had a two man bowl skate sesh. It was pretty epic. But the actuall comp went down sick. so many good tricks. Matty was DJ 'n  and we was chillin. all in all it was a good day.
registration.chairride. wez goin to windells hollathis dude took one

rope tow!!!

red bull start gate and jeff in shmees goggs


The village of Government Camp formerly a camp on the old Barlow road. The village was named in 1849 when U.S. Calvary troops were forced to abandon wagons and supplies.

Part of the historic Oregon Trail was Laurel Hill. The pioneer road detoured the Columbia River rapids and Mount Hood to the Willamette Valley. The road at first followed an old indian trail. the later name was the Barlow road. Travel was difficult. Early travelers named the hill from the resemblance of native leaves to laurel. Imagine carrying everything you own in a wagon over the boulders in this dangerous chute. Using ropes snubbed to trees or sometimes dragging trees behind as brakes. Emigrants managed to get wagons down these hazardous openings. This chute was just one of a series of treacherous descents facing Barlow road travelers as they clambered off laurel hill and out of the cascades.

So Justin and I stopped off the road for a little grapeblt break at Laurel Hill. We had no idea what it was until we reached the chute summit. while walking up we got caught in a thunder and lightning storm. it was loud and wet. It must of been really crazy for the settlers. We decided to take the quick way down the chute and took some pics along the way. steeper then it looks for sure!!

June 9, 2009


hey whats up from the HOOD. things are still poppin up here with the last two days being bluebird. mcschmee and me have been handlin. today was better for jumps with no wind but too sticky by noon, altho today i did get to hit a larger jump. stoked!!!! today i seen schmeegs do a solid rail slide first run illy mc willie steez O. miss my boys and lady. hopefully see you soon. heres some pictures.

enjoi more coming soon
this is a little sneak peak of the street art project we got going on. personal cb art on the streets. go find it its everywhere. this one is painted with a one of a kind grape ashie brush.
way past 20. so sick. never thought id make it and now look!!!

no time to turn this baby, its already locked

imagining no more. j schmee killin game

ski camp started today!!!

scmgee and me wierd shot of hood in backround schgee has trouble taking photos... were workin on it

polejam. this photo does no justice. c.hill jj angle no fire

hood in all its glory. just another day.......

iory from the getgo. about to send
stay tuned more coming soon. cb

June 8, 2009

Diggin Through the Archives: Hike to Shred

Archive footage from the 2007/2008 snowboard season. Featuring Couchboys team riders Curtis, Tim, Whetstone and I. With our local resort Mt High closed for the summer we had to send it west, deeper into the LA back country in search of snow. Curtis scoped it from his house in East Palmdale, and by scoped we mean telescoped. see more in the snowboard video "1/2 Way to Nowhere" coming out "who the F knows when 09"

June 5, 2009

Hebies Weather schmenter-cb

hey thilly geese...mammy is getting some flakes today on the 5th of june...not bad. you know what they say(u probably dont) but Ancient Indian knowledge says...if the mountains get snow in june then it is going to be a good winter for the upcoming crop season...hope this is true as this Low Pressure system moves trough today giving the Sierras a few inches of the scnizzle and a possible dusting down here on the peaks of our mountains(Baldy/Baden Powell)---let it scnhee-cb

June 3, 2009

4 the fiends -standby...

yo whats up. cboy here chillin in sandy outside of hood at the library. had to get broken blue to the shop. it never ends. we went to the thrift store but didnt get the box. hood looks amazing and majestic as always, so all has been good, got 8 days on the snow and schmeegs has got two. were workin on mad jump and pipe game as well as staying on opur jib game. pipes cut twice a week and the features get redug too. no ones slackin here!!! the weather has shut down the lift due to high winds the last two days. *bummer we heard more is expected. the beer is good, mostly hamms. charlies is poppin two for one pinners and the rat did karaoke last night. other then that we have been camping out near gvcp. the snow is melting quickly so were gonna move soon. there is two kids, gracin and steve chillin near us. they are from the SFV. our boy bryce hasnt touched the snow yet so we havent made that contact. maybe on the way home we will stop at windells. jacob says what up and so does justin. mad love to the hommies. till next update....

sorry no pics, only mind cam and theres no cord.

Hebies Weathuuuh-cb

Yo yo Yo...nice little morning in in the WW. had a schweet little hail storm bout 7 am that made the yard look like it snowed about an inch... just bring the thoughts of season back here at the lab a lil bit... but yeah we got some more rain to come still around noon...beautiful-keeping tha fire danger down...weeerd-cb hebs

June 2, 2009

C Hill makes contact

After scrounging for weeks around east Palmdale in search of the illusive "835", Chill makes first contact. Hear it here:

Sounds like all is well up in Hood and back up is on the way, shmeegs and kdogg touched down a couple days ago too.

Curtis when you read this post up some pictures or video sucka you know we're down here fiendin.