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October 23, 2010

More Early Season Schnee!

Our friends are smiling down on us! I woke up this morning early to text Kelly be careful on the way to work, cuz of all the rain, turns out its snowing @ Sugarbowl over on Donner Summit. The CB Doppler4200 is showing nice sized cells bringing snow level down to 7000ft into monday and tuesday, shah bahd hope you guys get some love down south from this system, let it schnee!

October 6, 2010

SNow in SO Cal-10-6-10

snow in early Oct...almost time to shred-Thx for the early schnee MIkey and Miah-CB

August 13, 2010

just dunno...Cb

thats why we travel with the lord...reprezent cb mikey bahd! we will never forget all the times and laughter and shredding.....caboulous---CB

Mikey Radz Rides Forever! from Pushxchange on Vimeo.

June 18, 2010

couchboys, Mt. Hood spring 2010

couchboys doing wrk n da woods. just waitin for the rest of the crew to roll up!! cbcb!!!

April 24, 2010

hey baaaaaaaaahd

suck it. me n c blow chillin whats good...c blow made everything but get sick with it cb love skeeeeezooooooz 4 breeezzzzzz ossssss'somunc4we yadadaaaaaa ma niggz. david suck it cbch

get wit it. chupi fyc

da lil" zigg zigg
wtf shmee art
livn dirty bitch cb reppn"
chupi thizzzzzzzaaaaaaa n"ookz
yo just invites chupi to the blog. get wit it. cb palmdale lab reppin hard. oh word cb love. peace bitches love chup & c.hee yo u best b chilln' out there livn' live youngun. (live young. smoke old. but live always. peace love happiness. im rich bitches. love cbcurtdogcb & chupisavagebeast. Hey david ............. SUCK IT!!!!gromit

April 14, 2010

Hebies Weada

yo yo yo-kitten says he dunno a dang thang aboot this one sooo sshah-cb

April 11, 2010


here it comes...possibly the last dumpo of the year...trying to go for knee deep here in so cal in april----lets do this-CB

March 1, 2010


the illy mc willie bang bang. musta just come out the club. click click click., Holla at cho DUDE!

February 20, 2010

Tahoe BMX'in

Shawn stubled upon this little stash while walking his dogs through the woods near his house, props to the homies that put in the work, we only hit the run 3 times but it was super fun we plan on heading back and adding some couchboy flavor to the mix. This ones for you C-Money get well soon bud, this is our life its what we do.

Snake Run from Matthew Patrick Ybarra on Vimeo.

February 13, 2010


c pee b
tree well
crew heading out
braaap! -curtis
lookin for fresh -sav1
soo steep.. sunk her at the high mark -curtis
good traverse -kg
jin ! killin all over the world
hit the rock and flipped -curtis
jin on his limo. haha! kg and jin doublin
jin - caligraphy master
a cold beer to end the day. cheers! curtis, matt, kyle w/Aarm in hand
hmmm.... kg - ripping pieces of his sled
kyle, curtis wrenchin down
crew returns