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April 24, 2010

hey baaaaaaaaahd

suck it. me n c blow chillin whats good...c blow made everything but get sick with it cb love skeeeeezooooooz 4 breeezzzzzz ossssss'somunc4we yadadaaaaaa ma niggz. david suck it cbch

get wit it. chupi fyc

da lil" zigg zigg
wtf shmee art
livn dirty bitch cb reppn"
chupi thizzzzzzzaaaaaaa n"ookz
yo just invites chupi to the blog. get wit it. cb palmdale lab reppin hard. oh word cb love. peace bitches love chup & c.hee yo u best b chilln' out there livn' live youngun. (live young. smoke old. but live always. peace love happiness. im rich bitches. love cbcurtdogcb & chupisavagebeast. Hey david ............. SUCK IT!!!!gromit

April 14, 2010

Hebies Weada

yo yo yo-kitten says he dunno a dang thang aboot this one sooo sshah-cb

April 11, 2010


here it comes...possibly the last dumpo of the year...trying to go for knee deep here in so cal in april----lets do this-CB