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May 22, 2009

back to back yard

summer skate time is upon us

May 16, 2009


hey whats up. just wanted to share this piece and get out stayin true does pay off.
The boys at Neff have been super cool with trying to launch thier new website. Peep the new product and everything else. Let us here at Couchboys know what you think. thanks and enjoi. or go to to go straight to the page. thier is a little bio so click the link!

May 13, 2009

venice beach

so on one of the first real hot days of the summer we deciced to head to venice beach california to try and catch a glimpse of the new skatepark, little did we know we'd be getting a vip tour of the almost complete park from one of skateboardings og pioneers, jesse martinez heres some throwback footy from back in the day and some new

soo heres some photos of the new park. be sure to be ready to ride one of the sickest parks to hit the west coast. im sure youll see me lurkin around there a couples times a week once they open

Post Season Promo

I dont know why they waited so long to release a teaser and not the full vid, but it worked and i think everyone is ready to see all the footy, stay tuned.

video by Phil Poirer @

westside for life.

May 7, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Whittier College Snow Jam 2009

Whittier College Snow Jam went off this year. With only 8 days to plan the event KG got on the horn and began to rally the boys for what ended up being the best snow jam to date. It all began friday afternoon, with the first trip to Mt High to grab a load of snow and a couple rails. Later that day we met up with Curty at the campus to unload the stuff and figure out the plan for the next day, we tried to crash early that night but between editing our movie and the band being in town that wasnt really an option. After a slow start we finally got on the road around 7am, KG driving the SAV Mobile and Curtis and I in the Penske that Signal provided, so far so good. About a half hour later Mikey had the Penske packed to the max with nothing but snow this time...we were riding dirty. Before we even made it passed the Bullwheel an alarm in the truck went off and the only thing came to mind was the load weighed too much, but after a few minutes it went off so we sent it. We made it down the 2 without a hitch but the moment we began going downhill on the 138 Curtis looks over at me and says the brakes are smoking and he couldnt stop no matter what he did....runaway truck. Luckily we hit an uphill grade and just coasted to a stop, but it was scary as hell, the thought of what would happen if i had to jump out at 45 miles an hour definately crossed my mind. It took a while but we made it. After unloading the snow curtis headed back up to the high for another, while some groms and the crew began moving the snow.

Snow shreds and college students from all walks of life came out for the event. The quad was packed and you could feel the anticipation everyone had for the last truck of snow to arrive. Finally Curtis came through and it was on, it was a mad dash to unload the truck, but everyone helped and soon it was underway. A little bit of a late start but we all made it happen. The contest had it all, big crashes, a few bangers, some war paint, photogs, filmers, gypsies, but most of all it was a great time. The rest is history, theee ya next year.

Stay tuned to Fuel TV for video and

for photos from Rasta Greg's reel :

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