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January 26, 2010

booster club

Mid Tunnel sickles Artsy hippies
Joe team Lennon Joe P Mizl: farfignuganCory: backside makio Casey K: mono ski slide

January 19, 2010


mizl going beeg brodaa!!
easy style method! shakaa braa!
over the smee cave. freshee!
shmee cave with alec, sara and shawn, miz and c. powder daze!!

January 10, 2010

Summer Session: Mt. Hood 09

This past summer Mt Hood served up some sunny skies, good times, and a pretty innovative park to boot. Windells famous BagJump also graced us with its presence. The crew got to test some new tricks on the blob, then stomped them on the snow. Peep the mini collection of take offs and landings.
-Here's to progression and big air!

The Blob from Kelly Gorrell on Vimeo.