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March 26, 2009

Big Bear Trans Am 2009

Last saturday Justin Curtis Whetstone and I trekked it to Big Bear for the 2009 trans am and to say the least the set up was ultra buttery. Some fools need to take notes cuz the possibilities were endless, it wasn't your typical mt high playground rebuild named after a contest. It was one of the most progressive set-ups ive ever seen even putting the rest of the transam stops to shame.

The first heat was a hour long "traffic jam", which was a straight up free for all ...drop and send it, so many almost full speed collisions shit was nuts. I didnt make finals but still got this shot in the transam gallery(stoked).It was hard to get noticed, but whetstone and curtis kept it consistant earning their spots in the finals. And even though they got no love on the podium our boys still killed it look for whetstone(purple pants)in this video from and for curtis those shots are archived, never to be seen again, on the SONY MindCAM HD 1080p. all shots taken from


March 22, 2009

Simple Failures

Simple Failures was the winner of this years video wars filmed and edited by Craig Glover. More of a skate style edit focusing on the riding with a solid song to back. Ed, Dome, Mikey and I were featured in this little edit along with some of the mt high loc's putting it down in the second half, look out for Lance and Curtis to throw down. Mikey and I were tied for best rider after a heated debate. Thanks to Craig for taking the time out to film us, much appreciated. photos follow the vid.

Simple Failures from Craig Glover on Vimeo.

March 21, 2009

Hebies Weather...!!!!

yo yo yo...low comin in tonight mi amigos...maybe 4-6 of fresh...i will do another update in da moring for lakers are on right now 104-93 after bein down by 16...cb thee yah

March 12, 2009

Couchboys Featured on

This was my first time being in transworld kind of, didnt make the pages but got a sweet little write up on the web page. Mikey and I worked all night in the snowcats then rode this little bomb drop that morning with anthony and whetstone. Everyone killed it. The article can be found here drop some comments and show some love CB:

March 10, 2009

obama is a dirty pig

Here is some throw back footie from back in the summer at the lab when we were getting ready for the scary dairy fright farm jib jam. some guy pulls up in a huge trailer truck. the video pretty much explains the rest. obama is a dirty pig. couchboys

March 8, 2009

Mt High Video WARS-Cb_Mamma Schmeeia!

The crew held it Down!!! ed got the pharmacy camera on wednesday late night...we got off to a late start on thursday...but yah 7 hours at mt high for a lil footy...1 migraine later(5 am to 4am mad pain in the head outta no where) At 4 am the editing went down till 3pm on friday...Curty then turned in the vid just as Bryce was leaving guest services to roll home...wooop woo womp-Mama Schmeeia-cb

March 4, 2009

In the News

Thank you for the fine weather update dave. Next Saturday is the 3rd annual Money in the Bank organized by Snowdogg and friends this one started out super grassroots and has become one of the funnest times of the season cb will be rolling deep.

Also in sports... Manny is back! 45 million buduckas and a 2 year contract later and hes back on the dodgers. homie didnt want to leave LA anyways nosebleed seats will be poppin off this year bring a flask. And in other news Couchboys co-founder and team rider David helble was offered free beer to be the Celebrity DH for the Los Angeles Dodgers this 2009 season, pending physical hes likely to accept this offer in addition his responsibilties as their #1 fan.

Hebies Weathaaahhh-cb

so shah bahds....we have a low off coast that is chillen more to tha north...(Mammy/TAHOE all day all year).but yeah we got some schnee is the so cal mountains,im guessing 2-3 inches(at least we refreeze...)few storms through the rest of the week(possible dump next week....word to obama hes not yo mama-cb