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March 29, 2011


With record snowfall here at Northstar, the possibilities are endless. Today we're starting a build for mark mcmorris the recent xgames slopestyle champ. Although i cant release any further details of what were building for him, i digress to 1983 where aerial savage frankie bare heads up to donner ski ranch to push the envelope on the two planks

March 25, 2011

link to 009 sound system "with the spirit"

The Doctor Was In

the journey through the knee.
there should be a acl here. theres only gross looking beat up and ripped tissue. this is before the cleanout
this is the mcl. very important item. doc says this one is good and buttery

new acl tissue
new acl tissue zoomed in. u can see the strands of tissue
guide wire coming from my mid thigh
tissue ready for new acl after cleanout

March 20, 2011


If you have some pictures to ADD feel free to post em' up!!! This was by far a most epic weekend! Happy Birthday to you KJL "Open the blinds Miho, and let Jesus in"


March 16, 2011

DanimizL Days:Dan's House

Last night it snowed a good amount... normally we'd head straight for hte resorts, but this storm was a wet one leaving behind 1 foot of sloppy wet stuff. Bad for pow slashes but great for building. Dan hit me up in the morning to see if i'd help him hit this wallride at his house, so my roomate Perri and I headed over to help out. This thing looked scary and right off the bat i was kind of skeptical, it was a 10-15 ft banister rail to wall ride but if you came off early you pretty much fell 10 feet to a close out stair set that led the the 1st story. Not to mention we'd have to use a sketchy bungee, all we needed was to throw in a J-turn to pop and we'd have a perfectly sketchy set-up. Instead we put in some extra work on the run-in and were able to find the speed naturally without having to use the bungee. Solid day no one got hurt and we got some sweet shots heres some photos from my celly, holla!

natural speed, kinda:

Go-Pro, or die trying:

March 14, 2011

Ups and Downs in the Gnome Zone

The other week we were traversing through the Gnome labs and found a rad tree jib. Turns out our buddy Stevie Bell(white) had been back there having a safety meeting with some of the other guys. Slightly intoxicated, Stevie began pushing the already dead tree over and with the help of the other homies they got it to fall. Overnight it dumped and the next day we came up on it, dusted her off and boyaaka.

March 8, 2011

6 good knees knows whats best

shmeegz, psyborg, mangdude; about to go forget about everyday problems.

Hot Food at the Dairy..

here's some pics from a mission southbound when I stopped in to say whats up to the cb's. They are always cooking up some kinda goodies! stayin' true always showing the hommie'z love.