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July 24, 2009

Not so Hood

Kelly and Kara here, trying our hand at this blogspot business.

So it's only been 13 days since we left hood, but we miss it like crazy. We miss cooking our meals straight on the fire, Hamm jobs, foam pits, air bags, (NOT the man-eating bugs) and of course Ed's pie iron. The list goes on and on. But instead of boring u all with a never ending list we thought it would be better to show you :)

the transportation

the food
the view

and of course
the Zah

Just some of the many good times, but hope yall enjoyed them!
peace from the girls in the LBC

To the boys still livin the hood life, keep killin it and let the good times roll
miss you, wish we were there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, what up! Great meetin ya guys yesterday ~ this pic looks like that place you were tellin us about. I wanna go! Hope you had fun at Fire ~ we were wiped out from rafting and couldn't get our lazy asses there. Have a great time at Hood and enjoy the 'treez'!