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October 27, 2009


This last weekend, Kevin Coffee "Kdogg", Justin Skaug "smeegs", and I "Curtis", set out to Ventura to the Oneway Boardshop Butter Battle Rail Jam! We got in a little early so we went to the beach to scope the waves and shmee. We ate at Macdonalds and drove back to check the box set-up. It was gonna go off no doubt. Shmeegs awoke from a comatoast during the first heat and poached the contest. He ended up getting caught and they gave him a wild card for killing it!! Powder & sun's Mikey Rad was gettin jibby aswell. Eli wiener ended up with the win but Mike Brokoff took home the best trick with a nasty back 270!In the mix, my good friend Andy with his dog Lela, showed up and invited us to go surf a swell that was approaching! Ohh word! So after the comp ended, we headed to Seaward and Peirpont for a local session before the session. we loaded up the boards and headed north to Mondos Reef. Once there we couldn't wait to get in the water. This was Kdogg's first time surfing! He was soo pumped! Not too crowded, everyone was having a blast. Andy was killing it, doing circles around us! After shredding the water for a few hours and watching the sun set, we geared down and left back for Ventura. We smizzled with Andy once more and hit the road. This time we were on our way to Kind Meds hashish bar. Once there Kdogg had to sit outside while Shmeegs and I went inside to take skilletine ripps! After losing my ID, getting rippered, and Watching a very important Dodgers inning, we had to bounce outta there quick to make it to the Santa Clarita Skate Park. After another harsh Macdonalds sesh and a lil' road rage, we made it there with a half hour to spare. We skated til' the park lights shut off and ended up with a few shots to show. At the end of the long day, we were all beat and tired from the adventure. The only thing left to do was to drive home to Palmdale. words by Curtis, Photos by Kevin "kill it" Coffee and Brennan Lang - Thanks guys

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