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February 26, 2011

Coffee and Char'ed Bowls..

hey whats up another epic night for the Couchboys crew. Last night we celebrated Mick Jackson's birthday at Newport pier bar and grill. There was a huge turn out. the place was poppin' at the end of the pier, with a live performance from cb's own Psyborg, the diagnosed diversity. Madd OG cb's showed up, including: Wes Luke, Ulysses, Chase Adams, Booyaa Adam and Chip Robinson, Psyborg, C.Hill and Mick Jackson. It was a crackin' small reunion. after midnight hit we started to celebrate Wes Lukes B-Day. Once we were champanged and dance'd out we headed home to puff our second hand char'ed bowl courtesy of the dairy ashtray (thanks Los!). It was a night for the books. one I will hardly remember with friends i'll never forget. Mad hommies got laid. Babies got made. Cb easy livin' and jibbin' all day.
-Psyborg & Toxik

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