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March 16, 2011

DanimizL Days:Dan's House

Last night it snowed a good amount... normally we'd head straight for hte resorts, but this storm was a wet one leaving behind 1 foot of sloppy wet stuff. Bad for pow slashes but great for building. Dan hit me up in the morning to see if i'd help him hit this wallride at his house, so my roomate Perri and I headed over to help out. This thing looked scary and right off the bat i was kind of skeptical, it was a 10-15 ft banister rail to wall ride but if you came off early you pretty much fell 10 feet to a close out stair set that led the the 1st story. Not to mention we'd have to use a sketchy bungee, all we needed was to throw in a J-turn to pop and we'd have a perfectly sketchy set-up. Instead we put in some extra work on the run-in and were able to find the speed naturally without having to use the bungee. Solid day no one got hurt and we got some sweet shots heres some photos from my celly, holla!

natural speed, kinda:

Go-Pro, or die trying:

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