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March 1, 2012

Dabbed up. woah,.. It's been a while! Let's see, where to start... well It's now 2012, said to be the Apocalypse. who knows right? Ok here we go,..our boy MizL just took home a well deserved $1000 in the Transworld Trans AM up at Northstar Resort. KG made the finals in the Northface Masters last month. a lot more gopro's on the hill. It's video wars week up at high. Snowdogg just had his 44th birthday bbq. Winter still hasn't come yet, it feels like spring already. Things are good tho, the times keep movin.. Heres a lil' bit of what you missed..
Dnasty David Helble and Stephanie from Ski Patrol finally tied the knot last September! What a wedding it was too! From arriving classic Couchboys style in the nick on time, as he took the stand, a beautiful and touching reception, to the crazy EPIC after party, It was an awesome time and a great celebration of life.
This Summer was Defiantly one for the books and memories. The car rides up and down the Westcoast. Mt. Hood got absolutely retarded again. From Getting back on the knee for the first time, to Shmeeg going head on into a tree. We got CAKED WIT IT all summer. Cody and I had Quite the Adventure with some local Portland girls up at White River Falls. HAHA! Way good times! She was a squirt-er. Did not catch any fish this summer, but I did catch a smooth buzz and tried LSD for the first time and ended up at Trillium Lake. OMG what a view. I may have to go into that one later! lol.
And then There was the Burn. Just getting there, getting to chill in Tahoe for a week and prep. not knowing what was about to happen. Buringman was some of the most intense feelings and sights. Getting int ouch and putting things in perspective. Camp Candyland turned into Camp Sourpatch Kids. gave birth to Camp Hate On Me. The art cars and themed camps, the bikes and creativity. The Music and Art was incredible and unforgettable, and so are all the people that were there to share. Cannot wait to go Home to the Playa. Too bad the ticket situation is F'd right now.
What else,.o oh, Finally retuned out to Colorado! Snowdogg, Psyborg, LeeRoy and I drove out to Denver for SIA! Cody and I hopped on with S4. We no longer ride for them but we did get to ride Winterpark and Loveland with some of our Hood lady friends. Also met alot of new people and got a new bitch'n shovel. We also got to Steamboat but couldn't get passes cause Sour4 can't handle there own. So we got urban instead. We got to see some good performances too. The standout for sure was the NEFF party and the REDMAN show. so many hot babes.
There's always so much going on, Hope to get back to blogging more.. til then,, HOLLYWOOD, U kno what Time it is... HAPPY HOUR YA'LL!!! peace and love GREMLINZ COUCHBOYS SNOWLIFE CAKED THE HUNDREDS JUSLIV GET WIT IT DRAGON CHEWER PHARMACY HOOD LIFE

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