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August 27, 2008

First post:Thuggin on the Box 2: For Gary Baskett

After seeing all these other snowboard blogs covering all the well known events...i figured i'd just make one up for our group of friends and all the stuff we're getting into. The not so happening happenings i guess you can call'em. The first is another event brought to you by our homie Snowdogg repping Thug Crew Snowboarding once again doing it REAL BIG on a small scale. Here is the flyer and some pictures from last year, this years the event is also going to be a fund raiser for snowdoggs neighboor Gary who is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Come out and support, if you were there last year im sure you had fun and one will no doubt be better. check us out on the channel 11 news friday morning, we'll be kickin it live with our boy Rick Lozano "Inland Empire Man" at snowdoggs broadcasting live starting around 6am HOLLA.

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