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August 29, 2008

Fox 11 visits Snowdogg's house

The other day Snowdogg and KG went down to Signal to try to get their down rail set-up for Thuggin on the Box. After hours of trying to fit it on the truck homies were over it. Luckily our boy Chip gets down on construction and came over yesterday to lend his expertise. 8 hours later and with some help from Big Daddy Dome the drop-in was built and the set-up complete. Last night we scooped up some and hopefully more on the way later today. wOrd. At 6am this morning the fox11 news bus rolled up to Snowdogg's ready to get the shot for the morning news. Snowdeez had a live interview, straight up Snowdogg at his finest. we'll post the footage as soon as we can figure out how to get it on here. Tonight is gonna be a lot of fun, bring money for donations there is gonna be a lot of stuff to eat, drink, giveaways, hammer drops and what not. peace CB
Photos by:Kyle Cellars and Cody Clemens

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