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September 30, 2008

wOrd fools...

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And the pre-season shananigans continue...On Friday October 31st Couchboys and ThugCrew welcome you to come out to the "Scary Dairy Fright Farm Jib Jam" @ Los's Couchboy Dairy Lab in Chino, CA. With such a big turn out @ ThugginOnTheBox2 we thought it'd be fun to get one more jib jam in before the season starts.

The set-up will be the same as TOTB2 w/ a few suprises in store, hopefully something easy that everyone can hit in addition to the normal set-up. COSTUMES REQUIRED. Not that anyone cares but dont be that person standing there in plain clothes on Halloween day. No one rides without a costume. Sign ups start @ 5pm .:. Jam begins at dusk .:. 10$ to enter contest .:. FREE to chill .:. Rider Judged .:. Prizes and giveaways.

In addition the the Jib Jam the yearly fiesta will be poppin off as usual(18+over). Beer will be on tap 3$ a cup. Slow Forward and Mustache Spesh will be performing live with musical intermissions by Grand Wizard RastaJohn in the mix. TuTacos will be providing tasty 1$ tacos throughout the night. Costume Contests, Giveaways. Dont be scared.

Brought to you by: Couchboys, ThugCrew, Anenberg, MtBaldy, Carnival Boardshop and more.

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couchboys and thugcrew do not condone or support underage drinking minors will be thrown out and humiliated ...shibby cb

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Anonymous said...

what up cb homies whats the address or how do i get there anyone need a ride from av or the dub dub. i'll be there. peace and chicken grease - CB love jojo