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September 23, 2008


Hey all you shredders out there!!! Can we interest you in some sweet and stylish stickers? How about a new holla for the NEW or OLD stick? or maybe your CAR? or LUNCHBOX? We have a numerous assortment of different snowboard brands and snowboard lifestyle stickers including the COUCHBOYS limited edition stickers!!! Requests are subject to avability!!! So hurry now and find that spot that needs some LOVE, and send 2$ to recieve a sweet sticker pack:


4855 Opal Ave.

Palmdale CA 93552

your dollars go a long way; All proceeds go to a brand new video camera. THANKS for all your contributions in advance. You may find yourself behind the lens one day.

ex. of stock: Sessions, Anenberg, the Hundreds, Pharmacy Boardshop, Mt High, Skull Candy, Big Bear Mtn., DVS, Vestal, Neff, Forum, Burton, 32, Volcom, Oakley, Grenade, Quicksilver..., and the list goes on and on!!!!!! Dont forget to add ANY requests!!!

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