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November 30, 2008

1/2 Way to Nowhere teaser

Press play then pause to let it loadfirst , so it plays smoothly.

1/2 Way to Nowhere Teaser from Kyle Grant on Vimeo.

Here is the trailer for 1/2 Way to Nowhere featuring KG, Curtis, Whetstone, Cronk, Yoshi, Chad, myself and friends. Curtis was onboard the entire trip, while the rest of us hopped on when we could. We traveled from the west coast to the east and back again by grease mobile and popped over to europe for sheep skins and fornetti. The full length feature will drop later this month and parlays will follow. shibby



tanya said...

haha that's wild
good movie
i can't believe that kid rode into the truck.


i want to know more about this david hit me up about this it is gillis bro

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