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November 2, 2008

Scary Dairy Fright Farm Un-Jib Jam

The Jib jam was almost to good to be true. We had more loads of snow then we have ever have i think it was close to 10 truck fulls, the set-up was legit and everyone was amped and in costume ready to get their shred on, you could smell the stoke in the air. When Shawn Nate and i got back from getting the last load, we pulled up to the dairy and the landlord was there just straight HATING. You cant blame him cuz its his land and thats just how it goes sometimes, but as for los kyle robbie stratton shawn chip and everyone else that put in their hard work all week making it happen it was just a straight up sadner. And the same goes for everyone that came from far to ride with us, sucks how the man can just drop a hate bomb like that, it would have been so much fun.With that said the party was POPPIN! Those that stuck it out through the pre-party funk stage were in for it, the alcahol was flowing from all directions,bands were ragin, people dancing. Raffle tickets, taco tickets it was bigger than last year. The cops came late and were cool about it, said it was the biggest they'd seen that night. Dairy boys, sexy girls, couchboys peeps of all walks of life were kickin it live, tyrone evn made his return to the dairy fab lab. If only that jib jam went down it could have been that much better, maybe next year.

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