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March 26, 2009

Big Bear Trans Am 2009

Last saturday Justin Curtis Whetstone and I trekked it to Big Bear for the 2009 trans am and to say the least the set up was ultra buttery. Some fools need to take notes cuz the possibilities were endless, it wasn't your typical mt high playground rebuild named after a contest. It was one of the most progressive set-ups ive ever seen even putting the rest of the transam stops to shame.

The first heat was a hour long "traffic jam", which was a straight up free for all ...drop and send it, so many almost full speed collisions shit was nuts. I didnt make finals but still got this shot in the transam gallery(stoked).It was hard to get noticed, but whetstone and curtis kept it consistant earning their spots in the finals. And even though they got no love on the podium our boys still killed it look for whetstone(purple pants)in this video from and for curtis those shots are archived, never to be seen again, on the SONY MindCAM HD 1080p. all shots taken from


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