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March 8, 2009

Mt High Video WARS-Cb_Mamma Schmeeia!

The crew held it Down!!! ed got the pharmacy camera on wednesday late night...we got off to a late start on thursday...but yah 7 hours at mt high for a lil footy...1 migraine later(5 am to 4am mad pain in the head outta no where) At 4 am the editing went down till 3pm on friday...Curty then turned in the vid just as Bryce was leaving guest services to roll home...wooop woo womp-Mama Schmeeia-cb

1 comment:

jibmastah said...

uhhh that shit was sick keepin it real wioth the ABBA n the hot edit. been keepin it real on the east coast for two week missin the west coast flav