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June 21, 2009

Pipe 2 Pipe

Riding Windells was the best. We showed up early and registered under pro cause the am jam was for campers. On the way down from Palmer we hit the skii Moguls like always but this time after I hit it, I looked back up and Scotty Arnold was riding right there with us! Followed up by a siiick backie by Justin. Practice was probably the most fun. Using the rope tow was amazing!! Best feeling ever. So during the heat we got split up trying our best to advance to the game of HAM finals. Neither of us made it. Matty mo killed it, Sawyer Dean killed it as well, that kidd has a wicked back lip. Anyways during the final I couldn't stop, had to keep taking windells laps cause it doesn't happen everyday. I was working on frontside heel fives. schmee watched on with fellow rider "Jeff" as the final came to an end. we rode a few more then peaced. Later that day we went down to Windells camp to watch the skate comp.  once again I  found myself charging the outside cement bowl after a complete amp up from California hommies. Scotty Arnold came and we had a two man bowl skate sesh. It was pretty epic. But the actuall comp went down sick. so many good tricks. Matty was DJ 'n  and we was chillin. all in all it was a good day.
registration.chairride. wez goin to windells hollathis dude took one

rope tow!!!

red bull start gate and jeff in shmees goggs

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