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June 21, 2009

HCSC blood drive

Hey whats up! On June 12 High Cascade held a blood drive. After a long day of looking for a cell phone and no shreddin, we went to Government Camp to get some food and do laundry. Shmee was in deep thought about the needle while we ate at Charlie's Mountain view across the street. When it was time he gave it the chicken out so I had to fly solo. Fortunately the doctors and staff were really really nice and had some pretty funny jokes. After alot of paperwork and aids questions it was time to donate!!!
The hard part was is over, it was snack time!!!! Good thing I was the last of only 30 donors that day, the nurse over heard that we were camping so she said that it was her and red crosses pleasure to hook us up with all kinds of goodies! she filled a trash bag full of Caprice suns and trail mix and oreo's and other snacks!!! super sponsored by the red cross. thank you again if you ever read this!!

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