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June 21, 2009


The village of Government Camp formerly a camp on the old Barlow road. The village was named in 1849 when U.S. Calvary troops were forced to abandon wagons and supplies.

Part of the historic Oregon Trail was Laurel Hill. The pioneer road detoured the Columbia River rapids and Mount Hood to the Willamette Valley. The road at first followed an old indian trail. the later name was the Barlow road. Travel was difficult. Early travelers named the hill from the resemblance of native leaves to laurel. Imagine carrying everything you own in a wagon over the boulders in this dangerous chute. Using ropes snubbed to trees or sometimes dragging trees behind as brakes. Emigrants managed to get wagons down these hazardous openings. This chute was just one of a series of treacherous descents facing Barlow road travelers as they clambered off laurel hill and out of the cascades.

So Justin and I stopped off the road for a little grapeblt break at Laurel Hill. We had no idea what it was until we reached the chute summit. while walking up we got caught in a thunder and lightning storm. it was loud and wet. It must of been really crazy for the settlers. We decided to take the quick way down the chute and took some pics along the way. steeper then it looks for sure!!

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