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June 9, 2009


hey whats up from the HOOD. things are still poppin up here with the last two days being bluebird. mcschmee and me have been handlin. today was better for jumps with no wind but too sticky by noon, altho today i did get to hit a larger jump. stoked!!!! today i seen schmeegs do a solid rail slide first run illy mc willie steez O. miss my boys and lady. hopefully see you soon. heres some pictures.

enjoi more coming soon
this is a little sneak peak of the street art project we got going on. personal cb art on the streets. go find it its everywhere. this one is painted with a one of a kind grape ashie brush.
way past 20. so sick. never thought id make it and now look!!!

no time to turn this baby, its already locked

imagining no more. j schmee killin game

ski camp started today!!!

scmgee and me wierd shot of hood in backround schgee has trouble taking photos... were workin on it

polejam. this photo does no justice. c.hill jj angle no fire

hood in all its glory. just another day.......

iory from the getgo. about to send
stay tuned more coming soon. cb

1 comment:

kawa said...

sounds more epic every day. smee ya soon. :)